A Medical supplier
you can trust.
Make an Appointment United in affordable solutions through innovative technologies. United in Health
A Medical supplier
you can trust.
Make an Appointment United in affordable solutions through innovative technologies. United in Health
Make an Appointment United in affordable solutions through innovative technologies. United in Health

Uni Medical Supplies (Pty)Ltd.

Uni Medical Supplies (Pty) Ltd. is a Namibia- registered private corporation specializing in the distribution and after sales support of Medical and Scientific (Laboratory) equipment and consumables in Namibia. As such Uni Medical Supplies (Pty)Ltd. is divided into three Divisions – Medical Sales, Scientific Sales and Technical Support.

Uni Medical Supplies (Pty)Ltd.’s headquarters is situated in the capital of Namibia, Wind-hoek.

Uni Medical Supplies (Pty) Ltd formed strategic partnerships with the best brands in the business, like HUMAN, Techno Medical and Tosoh Corporation.

Our Services
High-quality Services

Uni Medical Supplies strives to deliver quality products that exceeds expectations and delivers the quality treatment and results that patients deserve. We only supply products that are CE or FDA approved supported by the available of factory-based training for our locally based technical team. Our Sales Team are highly skilled and trained on the products that we supply and offers professional service with transparency regarding the products that they sell giving our customers peace of mind when investing in our services.


Uni Medical Supplies sources directly from manufacturers ensuring very competitive pricing on quality equipment…
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Ensuring that any medical or laboratory practice runs smoothly is a key component in any buyers decision on consumable..
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When investing in capital equipment after sales support contributes highly to the decision-making process…
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Our Latest Products

Uni Medical Supplies has a large variety products that will fit your needs please feel free to browse through our categories bellow.

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